Li Haoquan's Portfolio

Li Haoquan's Portfolio

I am an incoming freshmen at NUS studying Computer Science.

Currently, I am working part-time operating a Shopify store for JM Customized.

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game developer and designerGame Development Projects (Singapore Polytechnic)

I create games in Unity Engine (C#) and do 3D modelling in Blender.

Mixed Reality Maintenance Simulator - AR Simulation


Mixed Reality Maintenance Simulator

Augmented Reality Simulation Game • Team of 4

A client project from Singapore's Defence Science and Technology Agency. A simulator to train RSAF personnels in the maintenance of aircraft during launch sequence. Built for Microsoft Hololens.

Tower to The Skies - Fantasy RPG

August 2018

Tower to The Skies

Fantasy Role-playing Game • Team of 3

A 3rd person perspective RPG game where players have to clear 20 floors of a magical tower by defeating enemies and solving puzzles.

A.R.K - 3rd person Stealth Game

July 2018


Third-person Stealth Game • Team of 1

A third person sci fi game with 2 missions that players can complete. Players can choose to go through the mission stealthily or engage in battles.

gAAAme - Table Top Card Game

June 2018


Table Top Card Game • Team of 2

Players role-play as game companies to compete with each other to gain player base by using cards with different effects. The first player that reaches 100,000 player base wins.

gAAAme - Table Top Card Game

May 2018

Vandetta 1337: The RTS

Single Player Real-time Strategy • Team of 2

A cyber warefare real time strategy simulator for players to explore the world of hacking without the need of technical knowledge.

Scorchborne - 2D Role-playing

April 2018


2D Role-playing • Team of 1

A simple RPG sidescroller where the player plays as the villain of the game and terrorizes the town. A small spin-off from the usual setting where players are posed as heroes.

Web Developer and DesignerWeb Development Projects (Freelance)

I also provide freelance Web Design & Development services.

Web Development and Design -

August 2016

Techno Johou Think

Web Design & Development • Freelance

I renewed their website design to give it a more modern feel and make it truly reflect the company’s quality of service.

Wordpress Development -

September 2015

Mrs Choo Maths

Wordpress Web Development • Freelance

This website was made to promote Mrs Choo’s tuition. Wordpress was used for Mrs Choo to easily edit the contents of her website.

Web Design and Development -

October 2014 (Design Updated in 2016)

Sifr Japan

Web Design & Development • Freelance

This website is created for my japanese programming mentor who wanted to write articles about Japan. I had to create a back-end system for my mentor to upload & edit articles in addition to the logo and the appearance of the website. The website design was updated in 2016, when I gained more graphics design knowledge.